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This is the intro from the pastor, I haven't been attending the study and I don't think I'll join in it any time soon.  As you will see the study is using an author that the pastor writes about in his "pastor's letter" intro to our bulletin.  I will highlight the part that really makes me wonder about their choice in author to study.  I'm wondering how the pastor can allow this study.  If he is our shepherd shouldn't he keep straight what we learn or study?  Should he allow such a belief to even be studied?  Our church is run mostly by the elders and they have the last say so it seems, not the pastor.  I do wish the pastor would stand up to the elders to keep the teachings true from the scriptures.  I haven't written him on this but I'm thinking of it, trouble is I'm not on any committee and I do believe if I were I'd be ingnored anyway.  Most of the elders in my church are secular school teachers who CANNOT be wrong, if you know what I mean.  Well, read for yourself and tell me what you think.  So sorry that it printed out like that, I didn't know any other way to copy it...


The United Church News 
April 2011
Relating to the American Baptist Churches, USA and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 
“We are a congregation called by God to be a community of faith; to praise and adore Him; to grow
in fellowship with Jesus Christ and with one another and to share Christ with others.”
Dear Friends,
In adult Sunday school,
we have been having a
very informative study of
various paths to God.
There is more than one
path—did you know?
Corinne Ware has identi-
fied four main paths. I
have found this a useful
way of understanding
myself and others.
The first path to
God is the intel-
lectual path.
This is the head
path, a path that
we in the
mainline church
have mostly fol-
lowed. We read,
we study, we
learn. We seek to
understand the
Bible and let the
narrative and
the concepts
speak to us. Our
pastoral leaders
become profi-
cient in this
method at semi-
The second path
to God is the
heart path, the path of
emotional encounter
with God. Folks on this
path want to feel their
religion. Depth of
thought is not required,
since the purpose of wor-
ship is to feel. Personal
transformation is a hall-
mark of this path. Many
evangelical churches fit
The third path is the mys-
tic path. This is where we
encounter a mysterious,
awe-inspiring God who is
beyond words and beyond
knowledge. We meditate,
quiet our minds, sit in si-
lence and wait for the
Lord to touch us in ways
beyond words.
The fourth path is the
kingdom path. Here we
serve the “least of these”
in acts of love, by building
Habitat houses, serving
the homeless, visiting
those in prison or caring
for the sick. We see the
Lord in the faces of those
we serve. We not only say
the prayer your kingdom
come, your will be done,
on earth as it is in
heaven. We also do it.
Those on the kingdom
path also advocate for
social issues as an ex-
pression of their faith.
So which is the right
path? Of course there is
no right or wrong. All
are valuable. Yet we
probably prefer one
over the others. We
probably worship
with other like-
minded Christians.
Here is an answer to
the question, why are
there so many differ-
ent religions? There
is only one God, but
all seek him (or her!)
in different ways.
Jesus said “you shall
love the Lord with all
your heart, all your
mind, all your soul
and all your
strength.” Unfortu-
nately, we too often
love God with one,
but not the others.
During Lent, let us
find ways to expand
our love for Jesus.
Day by day, O dear
Lord, three things I
See thee more clearly
Love thee more dearly
Follow thee more nearly,
day by day.
Pastor Larry

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