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"Yet the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured or numbered. And it shall come to pass in the place where it was said to them You are not MY people there it shall be said to them You are sons of the LIVING GOD." [Hosea (Hoshea) 1. 10; 2. 23 w/Romans 9. 19 - 26]

Contrary to the thinking of some, CHRISTianity is not a Gentile religion but is completely Jewish!  CHRISTianity is the fulfillment of the Jewish faith found in the OLD COVENANT!  Jews today who believe in MESSIAH YESHUA have not left the faith of their forefathers but rather have rediscovered it.  The verses in Hosea meant that the HOLY ONE would cut the people off officially as a people, and during that time HE would refuse to be their GOD. [v. 9]   Regardless of being cut off, they would eventually multiply, be great, and again be called the children of God. [v. 10]

Compare this with the NEW COVENANT promise where Peter is writing to both Jewish and Gentile believers in the LORD JESUS, "But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, HIS OWN special people, that you may proclaim the praises of HIM WHO called you out of darkness into HIS marvelous light; who once were not a people but are now the people of GOD, who had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy." [1 Peter 2. 9 - 10]  This is the same declaration YEHOWAH promised to Israel in the OLD COVENANT— "Now then, if you will obey ME faithfully, and keep MY Covenant, you shall be MY treasured possession among all the peoples. Indeed, all the earth is MINE, but you shall be to ME a kingdom of priests and a holy nation." [Exodus (Shemot) 19. 5 - 6 Tanakh, Torah]

The covenant stands and has been extended to the Gentiles who believe in MESSIAH.  Jews who believe in MESSIAH YESHUA have not deserted their nation but weep with their MESSIAH over the continued sorrow of their beloved people who reject the PROMISED ONE OF GOD.  Jewish believers today are NEW COVENANT MESSIANIC believers who see and follow the faith of ancient Israel as fulfilled in the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

The TORAH agrees fully with the Commandments of YESHUA, the problem is in the man-made rules and regulations (Judaism) that go beyond the moral law of the TORAH.  Judaism is so wrapped up in the letter of the Law, they missed the heart of the Law as GOD intended in it.  GOD'S desire for HIS people has never changed, HIS plan has always extended to include Gentiles who believe.

The CHRISTian Church, as recorded in the NEW COVENANT, was composed exclusively of Jewish believers in YESHUA until about twelve years after HIS ascension into heaven!  CHRISTianity,  pure CHRISTianity, was not rejected by our Jewish forefathers, but was accepted by them.  They were the first to preach the GOOD NEWS, the GOSPEL OF YESHUA their MESSIAH, and defended it with their lives.  The GOSPEL happened to be Jewish all the way through!  In the early CHRISTian church of the NEW COVENANT, the rare thing was to find a Gentile believer among them!

Neither is the Church today a continuation of Judaism.  ALMIGHTY GOD declared that the COVENANT OF MOUNT SINAI (MOSAIC LAW) was broken by Israel. [Jeremiah/Yirmeyah 31. 31 - 34]  Through MESSIAH YESHUA, GOD provided a New Covenant for Jews and Gentiles.  This COVENANT does not mean "Jewish" nor does it destroy the Old Covenant, it confirms and fulfills it. [Matthew 5. 17; Romans 3. 31; 8. 4]  Judaism does not mean "Jewish" nor does it make anyone Jewish who practices its beliefs, holidays, and ceremonies.  True, the religion of national, unconverted Israel today is Judaism, but it is not the pure faith of their ancestors as we find recorded in the HEBREW SCRIPTURES!

The Church began in the OLD COVENANT days and was composed of Jews who believed in the coming MESSIAH.  The Hebrew word by which the church was called is kahila or edah meaning a religious assembly or congregation.

It is sad to realize that many of my Jewish people do not know the difference between a Gentile and a CHRISTian.  They feel they are one and the same.  It has been thought that all who are not Jewish are Gentiles and that all Gentiles are CHRISTians.  {That is what this writer was taught.}  Nothing could be further from the truth!  The WORD OF GOD describes a CHRISTian as one who has come out of GOD-lessness into the faith of the JEWISH MESSIAH & REDEEMER.  There are many Gentiles who do not believe in the LORD JESUS and follow HIM, even as there are many Jews who do not accept HIM.  Not all those who call themselves CHRISTians are really CHRIST-like-ones, true followers of CHRIST JESUS, just as not all who are Jewish are followers of Judaism.  A true CHRISTian is, first of all, a believer in IMMANU’EL, THE ANOINTED ONE.  That follower will have a spirit of love and of compassion for all men, Jew or Gentile, that they may be freed from the bondage of sin.  A true CHRISTian is one who prays for both Jews and Gentiles to receive the LORD JESUS into their hearts so that they may have peace with GOD ETERNAL.

YESHUA ha'MASHIACH did not come to bring a new religion, but to fulfill the HEBREW SCRIPTURES.  The NEW COVENANT is not a NEW BOOK, but is the continuation and completion of the OLD.  What is hidden in the FIRST TESTAMENT is revealed in the NEW.  When a Jewish person accepts YESHUA as their MESSIAH & SAVIOR, he becomes a true Jew!  He has accepted what belongs to him by GOD'S COVENANT with his fathers.  The Church of the NEW COVENANT (which developed out of the Church of the FIRST TESTAMENT) was composed of Jewish believers.  According to a record in history, there were 25,000 Jews who recognized and accepted JESUS as their MESSIAH soon after Shavuoth (Pentecost) 2,000 years ago.  YESHUA, WHO was a Jew according to GOD'S promises concerning MESSIAH'S genealogy, does not expect any Jew to change the fact that he is Jewish, but wants every Jew to come into living touch with GOD, to love GOD with all his heart, soul, and mind.

Jewish believers in the LORD YESHUA ha'MASHIACH know and love the SCRIPTURES of the FIRST COVENANT more than ever they did before.  They know the meaning of the holidays and customs of their forefathers.  They have been brought to a greater sympathy and understanding and also a greater love for Israel.  They now have a deep impression on their hearts (put there by the MASTER DESIGNER HIMSELF) to pray for their own Jewish people everywhere that they see the LIGHT and come into the NEW COVENANT with HIM. They do not deny their heritage, but realize more than ever that they are the natural descendants of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob — not only Jewish by descent — but true Jews inwardly, sons of GOD'S PROMISE, for they have come into HIS NEW COVENANT; they believe on JESUS as their LORD, MESSIAH, ROCK OF SALVATION, and their Soon-Coming King.

Sha’alu (Pray) for the shalom (Peace) of Jerusalem and all of Israel!
LORD, thank YOU that YOU continue to keep us in life and to preserve us that we may observe YOUR statutes, to do YOUR will, and serve YOU with a perfect heart; seeing that we give thanks to YOU. Blessed be ALMIGHTY GOD to WHOM thanksgivings, honor and praise are due.

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem, is praying for the return of our Messiah and Lord and for the Kingdom of God He is bringing when He comes.  Then God's Will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven and the world will experience true godly universal peace.  


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