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Is it me or does it seem impossible for any movie about the Bible to ccurate?  I have watched many of the latest efforts and even the so called documentaries ar filled with errors and just ridiculous statements.

In one Jesus was on a cross at the end of several that were crucified.  In another it was explained that Jesus walked on water because it was an unusually low tide and a rift in the Sea of Galilee was almost completely exposed. This enabled Jesus, according to the Bible scholar and expert, to walk along this rift and Peter also - of course until he reached a deep spot in the rift.  Really, a Bible scholar and expert on the New Testament?

Another, (and this is one of my favorites), professed that Jesus did not actually do any miracles until after John the Baptist was dead because he didn't want to steal John's thunder.  Really, where do these experts come up with this stuff?

Lastly, but there are many more, it was stated that Jesus could not read and write but gained his knowledge of scripture by attending the weekly reading at the Temple and some at-home teachings from his folks.  By the way, the scripture scholar and acclaimed minister who said this also added that it was probable that one of Jesus's older brothers also help tutor him.  One of his older brothers?  Now come on...

Does this bother anyone else?  I thought so, so what can you share on this subject?



Yes it happened that way

I have received several requests wanting to know what happened to me. First let me say that is was nothing close to Leo's near-death experience.

Here is the way I remember it...

I was riding a hand cycle that was being adjusted to my size and everything. We had made the last adjustment and I was giving it a run. (This was my first time on a hand-cycle). My right foot came out of the stirrup and as soon as my foot hit the asphalt it rolled and twisted my foot, ankle, and leg like a wet washcloth. All bones in the foot were broken except the big toe, the ankle was just shattered, the small leg bone was broken close to the knee, and the big bone in the leg was broken a few inches above the ankle.

It happened so fast i'm still remembering some things.

I was asked how fast I was going...I said about 20 mph, but that is probably not accurate at all. I honestly don't know. Sitting six inches off the ground can make even slow speeds seem fast. It was, after all, fast enough, but not too fast. It could have been much worse - believe it or not.


I remember a feeling or maybe a little voice warning me, but I ignored it. It was more like a foreboding feeling or just a bad feeling I suppose. To honest I don't know what it was, but I feel it was a warning from an angel or a groaning within the spirit that I should have recognized immediately – but didn't.   

Leo is Home

Leo, again, was in a very bad accident and again is at home - bruised and shaken, but otherwise appears to be fine.  It took about 10 minutes or less, after posting my prayer requests, to receive the measge that Leo was checked of the Emergency Room ( I thought ICU, my mistake) and rode home with Eileen. Folks the car was tossed (by a log truck) and flipped numerous times - the car is destroyed. God's protection is complete and absolute!!


Idolatry was real and still is

The more I study biblical archeology and the related areas it paints a all too vibrant picture of idolatry and how widespred and alarming its influence was.  We read of it in several places in the Old Testament, such as the discussion about Israel making their children go through the fire, and of course the golden calf.  It never really sunk in what the scriptures were revealing until I got to read about the subject from several perspectives.  I often thought "yea, yea, idolatry, and then what". But it was serious and is still serious today.  

Idolatry or false worship is a growing terror for the Christian today and shows no signs of getting any better. It is almost inconcieveable that the Israelites could get off the path so easily. It makes one wonder if they ever understood that the One who brought them out of Egypt, that fed them, and provided for their safeth and other needs, was the "real deal" and not the product of man's imagination.  Was it so important to be able to look at some physical object before faith or belief could be applied?  Is it that they only wanted to believe in what they could see?  Obviously not because they had seen the wondrous works of God and still fell back into Idolatry in almost the blink of an eye.  But what made the worship of so many false gogs and goddesses so appealing and perveasive?  I believe that that is a simple matter of wishing to do everything their carnal natures prompted without feeling guilty.  It was about just each person doing whatever they wanted and finding support for this through commonality and mutual support found within this dark shadow of sin. 

But then, it could also be that they believed that all of the gods were real and were even equl to God in sme respects.  Some believed, like the Hindus, in household gods, and basically gods that allowed them to be as vile as their imagination could produce.  It could be that these gods were merely excuses to do anything they desired or objects of some perverted ststus among the other lot souls across the spectrum of carnal lifestyles.  In other word they did this because theu were allowed to have fun and indulge themselves as often and perversely as they wished.  It also implies, to me, that they did not believe in a life after death or in the judgment that all will face. It suggests tht even with the signs and miracles they experienced first hand  that they still did not think God was any better that the thousands of false gods that permeated every culture.  Or maybe, they just didn't think at all... 

Tests, wishes, and regrets Tags: scripture application

It goes without saying that working on automobiles is at the top of my all time favorite ways to see how much I can take before I explode. Yea, I had to replace the water pump on my daughters Hyaundi car – the one with front wheel drive and a sideways motor. I don’t do as much mechanical work as I did a few years ago and this car is one reason that is the case. I think the people that built that car must have hands smaller than my newborn Grandson. I’m sure they could get into spots I couldn’t even get my thumbs into. There were some spots that it was impossible to use any of my new fangled tools. I had to resort to some “old school” tools that didn’t ratchet, blink, or use electricity. Sockets were not even an option.
Anyway, as you probably can guess, I had to remove everything but the spare tire to get to that water pump. Of course after I do I remembered that the engine had to be jacked up to make access easier. Yea, I already had to motor mount off when it came back to me. Oh, this isn’t the first time I had to do this, but it is the first time I did it in freezing weather, in my front yard, completely in the open. I worked on that thing for three days and two times into the darkness.
I had to stop after the third day and give my bod time to either completely quit or force me to go trough medieval torture type pain for several days. It only took two days, spread over a week, to put the thing back together. The whole time I was afraid I would end up with extra parts, bolts, or something. I did forget how the motor mount connected, then my son, remembered that a bracket went behind the motor mount before bolting it to the motor. Oh, yea, lots of thrills. But after frost nip, blood, and many choice phrases I got it back together and didn’t have but two very small machine screws left. I still don’t know where they go….
My son drove the car to Hattiesburg, MS – about 30 miles away to test it and I finished off my last two fingernails before he got back.
So yes, it took two weeks to change the water pump, and truly tested my temperament as well as my fading memory. Yes, it was a real test and during the affair I made many wishes. I also expressed numerous regrets that I don’t remember now. And, yes, by the time another water pump goes I will have forgotten the ordeal of this one. Anyone know how to put a new pump gasket on a 7 liter, power stroke, diesel? What about ball joints? Never mind, I’ll fumble through it no matter how long it takes – well my limit is about two weeks…

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