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I was reading the latest issue of Christian History Institutes magazine which is devoted to Heaven. It covers the belief systems from the early church writers through Dante, Milton, and others.  It also includes how the belief systems have changed and how a more universalistic view has begun to dominate secular and Christian theology and ideologies.  So I wanted to call for short treatises or inputs from everyone on (1) what Heaven Is (2) who will go to Heaven (3) what we have been taught about the requirements for going to Heaven; basically a broad view of thought on Heaven.  What we believe is important and what others believe is also. These beliefs can either cement us together as the body of Christ, or they can serve as reasons to disagree or even (as an extreme) want to destroy each other.  So, I ask any who are willing to enter this arena with caution as well as respect for the beliefs of others, to give their honest views or personal understanding. This is not about who is right and who is wrong (although there is a right and wrong ) but about what we have been taught, what others believe that we know, and what we believe based in scripture.  It is not a small matter and inputs should be considered or deliberated solemnly and earnestly.  

I personally have been doing some "soul searching" to filter through the many things I have been taught in Church and in the classroom, as well as what I have read from writers through the ages, and finally the traditions taught by the family (primarily Irish / Irish Catholic) and many of the people I have encountered over the years around the world.  I do admit that in some areas I have several viewpoints that are vying for prominence. I should, by this time in my life, my walk with Christ, and my earnest seeking for understanding, be able to plainly state what I believe on every topic and subject related to my faith, the scriptures, and reflections of secular beliefs.  It is not as simple as I once thought in my youth - or maybe through study I have convoluted my beliefs and caused myself to be less than positive about some things I believe.  It is time for honest, right? Honesty about what we believe and what we see as the belief systems of the world.  

I have read and agreed with many statements of faith through the years because they all have the basic doctrines espoused by scripture.  I say they all, but that is to say the ones I agreed with. And among those there is nearly no difference in Biblical doctrine or teaching.  I have, as it were, discovered that there are numerous sects or Christian groups that believe the same things, derive doctrine straight from scripture, and have the formula (as outlined in scripture) for salvation and the type of life we should lead as members of the body of Christ.  

It is not my intent at all, by any means, or by any view, to try and cause any controversy here.  I realize that even within the smallest group of believers there are differences ( even the most subtle and benign) that we hold as truth based upon our personal relationship with Christ.  Therefore, it has been my personal efforts to try and build on the shared beliefs while exploring the often minor differences in doctrine and beliefs.  I realize that I have fallen short at times but have always vigorously pursued the truth and understanding through my faith and the teachings of the Spirit.  I still have not worked it all out, but trust that Christ will intercede for me and my shortfalls will be overlooked - attributed (hopefully) to my own limitations.  




  • There is so little written on heaven or afterlife that over time I’ve come to the conclusion that the specifics are a matter of personal interpretation. As my life has changed or evolved, my hopes, desires and expectations have changed accordingly. My outlook or opinion is simply; “Que sera, sera”

  • My dear friend, it is great to hear from you on this topic.  Wow is has been a long time, has it not.  I understand exactly what you wrote.  It is so true nd yet remains an illusive topic for may people inside and outside the church.  In some ways I think a little mystery is good for the faith.  Thanks brother again.  Did you hear of my acccident on the 6th of this month?

  • Yes, it has been a while since we've talked and no, I was unaware of your accident. Please tell me that you haven't been trying to immitate Evel Knievel in your chair.

    Perhaps heaven is similar to a wrapped gift that is not to be opened yet?

  • In Wallis Texas, I went to ride in the annul event, I tried  hand cycle for the first time.  There were adjustments and all, and after the last adjustment (the lever for changing gears) I went to  turn around and the bike tipped a bit, my right foot fell out of the stirrup and contacted the asphalt. The result was twisting and folding of my foot, ankle, leg, and knee.  My hip is s might sore too.  Most of the foot bones are broken, three of the toes, my ankle is shattered, and the tibia and fibula are broken - one a compound fracture.  I wasn't going very fast, but obviously fast enough.  It's a little embarrasing after serving in five theaters of war and two cmpaigns.  You know, from desert to jungle and about everything in between. 

    They say most accidents happen within 15 miles from home. Not true in this case...  Anyway I got kool pins and rods and bars and stuff attached to my leg and foot. It reminds me of mideval torture devices.  I set the leg and foot before the ambualnce arrived and also popped my knee back into place.  The only thing they said I said was, it's broken.  No yelling or anything.  It's like a short nightmare...  Bit is could have been worse - at least my helment wasn't scratched anywhere...

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