At this time I am spending considerable time studying the original churches of the Apostolic era, or those founded by Apostles.  I will also include branches, home churches (where mentioned in manuscripts and writings), and communities not otherwise identified or "labeled".

Of great interest are the early dividing lines by language, i.e. Latin, Greek, Coptic / Syriac, and other Semitic languages.  Also of interest is the culture of the given societies that was preserved in these churches. For instance, the church in Edessa (a branch of the Antioch church) preserved much of the Phoenician culture; this includes customs, art, beliefs, etc.  

Also it is interesting that more than one church claims Peter as the founder and first "Bishop".  One church claiming a 20 plus years of service for Peter, while another church ( a great distance away) claims Peter was the first bishop, and yet even a third makes similar claims.  In addition to this Peter went on mission trips evangelizing much the same way as Paul.  When did he find the time and the energy - especially to be in two places many hundreds of miles apart at the same time...

This is just part of the interesting yet teasing information that is coming into focus...

I know that Doc Denis did a great treatise in a related subject concerning Peter, Simon Magus, and the claims of peter as a first Bishop.

                       [Doc Denis, may I get a copy of that post?]