Have you made a plan for God?


The weather outside is getting worse by the day. Tax increases cut even deeper into those on fixed incomes. Crime has risen to an all time high and these are just a small amount of issues facing people today. Church attendance is like plotting the path of a roller-coaster, and like the tides, ebbs and flows as society directly influences church reaction to a growing air of distrust and disappointment.

These conditions are not just common to this century but are clearly illustrated for us in the Old and New Testaments. Those of severe poverty, medical maladies, and spiritual starvation could conceive in their mind the solutions to all their woes. The searched their brains and engaged in countless conversations, planned and deconstructed their lives with great care. God it seemed for many was just a god that responded to their whims and provided the means for their plan to become a reality in their life. Whether from arrogance or ignorance the same human flaw continues to drive people – even folks in the church.

Indeed numerous examples of how people crafted the steps and changes in their lives so God would not have to do so much work. Yes people have always found the need to find ways to change their station in life including the role God can play in those changes. In some cases the schemer is most magnanimous and willing to share their perfect plan with God so he can fix things exactly the way they want it, in others the actual specifics are missing but the exact results are expected according to their flawless assessment of their life situation and the only obvious solutions to them - or the best case scenario they can imagine given their experience and what other folks have told them.

Regardless of how the plan is framed or the motivation, placing constraints on God and expecting Him to cater to our desires and grant all our wishes is a fantasy too many share. Trust, faith, and true belief are contingent on our ability to provide God suggestions or our expectations. So just ask yourself if you have made a plan for God so life changes will favor your desires, but not necessarily your needs. Is the plan complete enough that God can accomplish the tasks and provide the end game you expect?