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Dolphin Skin Covering
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To be almost saved is to be totally lost. 


"Make for the tent a covering of tanned rams' skins dyed red and a Covering of Dolphin (sea cow) Skins above." [Exodus (Shemot) 26. 14 Tanakh, Torah] 


This is the fourth and last covering for the Tabernacle.  There is no description or measurements for the dolphin skins, only that it is the "covering above." It represents the humiliation of the LORD KING MESSIAH which cannot be measured.  We do not know the height from which the LORD JESUS came; therefore, we cannot know the depth to which HE stooped.  HE emptied HIMSELF! [Philippians 2. 5 - 10]   The MOST HIGH SERVANT was in the Highest Heaven, came down to the lowest earth, down to where we are so that we could go UP to where HE is! 


According to some translators, the outside skin is that of either the dolphin, porpoise, seal, antelope or goat; but, it is a strong, enduring leather.  Some translators call it badger skins.  However, the badger is not a native animal of the East.  Whatever the animal, it was an unclean animal which shows GOD'S great grace.  No matter how unclean or defiled we were, we can be used by ALMIGHTY GOD in HIS "Holy Habitation." When we are set apart for HIS use, HE takes the unclean and defiled and cleanses us by the blood of MESSIAH Y’SHUA for HIS purpose.  The SEPTUAGINT BIBLE states it thus, "an upper covering of skins dyed blue." The Jewish text leaves the word un-translated, calling it "tachash" skins meaning "unknown." 


How like our LOVING LORD WHO was unknown by men!   HE made HIMSELF of no reputation. [Matthew 13. 55 - 57; Philippians 2. 5 - 8]  The world cannot see the GREAT GOD OF ISRAEL, JESUS, as HE is in HIS glory until there is an entrance inside, for the glory is within, even as with the CHRISTian; beauty is withIN.  The believer in MESSIAH Y’SHUA is "dark as the tents of Kedar" in the eyes of the world; but is comely, graceful, and handsome as "the pavilions of Solomon" in the eyes of the MIGHTY GOD OF JACOB. [Psalm/Tehillym 45. 13; Song of Songs/Shir ha'Shirim 1. 5; 1 Peter 3. 3 - 4] 


The outside skin was all that the Israelites could see of the Tabernacle from a distance.  When they approached the sacred building they saw the Door in front, and the goats' hair curtain above.  This covering above, the dolphin skins, was not very beautiful or attractive to them.  They could not see the gold or the silver, nor the articles of furniture that were inside the building.  The beautiful curtains, the colours, and the cherubim surrounding on every side were hidden.  All they could look upon was the unattractive skin on the outside.  Here, in the words of Isaiah is a picture of the BELOVED SAVIOR, "…for HE had no form or beauty that we should look at HIM; no charm, that we should find HIM pleasing. HE was despised, shunned by men, a MAN OF SORROWS, familiar with suffering and grief. We hid, as it were, our faces from HIM as though a leper. HE was despised, we held HIM of no account." [Isaiah (Yeshayah) 53. 3 Tanakh, Nevi'im] 


Our GLORIOUS Y’SHUA, the REDEEMER, came to HIS Jewish people.  They were expecting their awaited KING to come in pomp and glory, with a royal crown on HIS head, a royal robe about HIS shoulders, sitting on a white horse; and immediately establishing HIS Kingdom.   But, the SAVIOR came as other men (our KINSMAN, born of a woman) . . .HIS coming was in fulfillment of the un-enticing outward skin on the Tabernacle!   That is all the Jewish people (as a nation) perceived in HIM.  Therefore, as they saw MESSIAH Y’SHUA in this light, they rejected HIM. [John 1. 11 - 12] There are many even today (Jews & Gentiles) whose eyes are blinded to the beauty of the LORD JESUS.  They have not come inside the building, all they see is the unknown outside covering of the Tabernacle. 


The outward skin was a protection for the Sanctuary. [Isaiah/Yeshayah 4. 5 - 6; Psalm/Tehillym 27. 5; 61. 3 - 4]   It covered the building completely and protected its contents, the under-skin, the curtains, and the priests who ministered there, from all the elements surrounding.  Our LORD Y’SHUA ha'MASHIACH is this "COVERING" which indicated HIM in HIS service, not only to HIS people, but to GOD ALMIGHTY.  Through Isaiah, the ETERNALLY LOVING GOD calls HIM, "MY SERVANT." [Isaiah/Yeshayah 52. 13 - 15]   The NEW COVENANT emphasizes this title which is applied to MESSIAH Y’SHUA, "GOD has glorified HIS SERVANT JESUS." [Acts 3. 13]   HE came to serve the interests of GOD on earth.  "JESUS…being in the FORM OF GOD...emptied HIMSELF, taking the form of a SERVANT." [Philippians 2. 5 - 7]   Graciously JESUS protects us from all the wind storms of life, from all the sand of trouble seeping in about us, and from all the strong winds of false doctrine blowing all around us. 


We who believe on MESSIAH Y’SHUA, were not content to stand on the outside and behold the outward covering only, but we went on beyond it to that Rams' Skins Dyed Red, and we see there the substitution and consecration of our LORD & KING to the ministry of salvation for all those who come to HIM.  We were not content to stop here at the Rams' Skin Dyed Red, but we penetrated beyond that to the Goats' Hair Curtain, to see the reason for it all…our LORD JESUS dying upon the cruel execution Cross of Golgotha being made even as sin in order that we, believing upon HIM, might be made as righteousness in HIM.  And, we penetrated the Outer Goats' Hair Curtain through to the Fine-Twined Linen Curtain to behold RISEN SAVIOR in HIS beauty, HIS loveliness, HIS majesty, glory and power.   When we penetrated beyond the curtains, we saw the colors and the cherubim all around us; we entered the Holy Place and on into the Holy of Holies where we beheld the "SHEKINAH GLORY" between the cherubim.  What a privilege of personally being in the presence of the MOST HIGH GOD of all creation throughout eternity. 



Sha'alu (Prayfor the shalom (Peace) of JerUSAlem and all of Israel

Redeem Israel, O ELOHIYM, out of all their troubles!
As we welcome Sabbath, let us adore HIM, the LORD Messiah Y’sHUA — KING of kings & Lord of lords! All goodness and truth are YOURS, O LORD.
Shabbos of NASSOMake An Accounting [Reading: Numbers 4:21 - 7:89; Judges 13:2:25; Luke 1:11-20]
 May no evil estrange us from YOU, nor error darken our vision of YOUR purposes. Help us to discern YOUR justice and to understand YOUR will. In adversity and in prosperity, let YOUR Law be a Lamp to our feet to illumine our path. May we so labor in YOUR service that our lives become a hymn of praise to YOU.
 LORD GOD, direct our steps, correct us with judgments not in anger lest YOU bring us to nothing. We have an AWESOME GOD, and HE is on the throne ruling over the affairs of men. HE is worthy of all our praise and worship, even in these difficult times. We thank, adore and praise YOU with all our being! 


Praying for the peace of Jerusalem, is praying for the return of our Messiah and Lord and for the Kingdom of God He is bringing when He comes.  Then God's Will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven and the world will experience true godly universal peace which is the fruit of Righteousness. 



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