If the Christian movement started out as a Jewish messianic faction, how can it be

explained that a representative of the same movement [Ignatius], about eighty years later

finds the basic religious outlook of Judaism to be incompatible with the

movement he represents?


He states in Magn. 10:3:

It is monstrous to talk of Jesus Christ and to practice Judaism [ι’ουδαι _´ζειν]. For

Christianity did not base its faith on Judaism, but Judaism on Christianity [ο’ γα` ρ

Χριστιανισμο´ς ου’κ ει’ς ’Ιουδαι _σμο` ν ε’πι´στευσεν, α’ λλ’ ’Ιουδαι _σμο` ς

ει’ς Χριστιανισμο´ν], and every tongue believing on God was brought together in it.