Dearest in Christ,

per my recent post in Ask the Experts I posted some stuff about a legend that John was raised from the dead at Christ's crucifixion and went to other lands to preach.  This is something I remember eading about during one of my brain storms (not the normal constructive type) and I only made a few notes back then.  I soo went on to another subject, but the recent post brought back meorettes. 

Anyway, I remember I was reading the Golden Rules or something like that which contained legends and myths;

I also wrote down these quotes:

The daughter of Cain has descended in the North to preach. Seven years of luxury in the new Babylon. In the seventh year the seventh veil of Salome will fall, but there is no Emperor, there is nobody who could lift up the sword and cut off the head of John.


John the Baptist will again suffer martyrdom through persecution and threat of murder. His words and messages will be rejected.

Circumstantial proofs point to an extended sojourn of the John [the Baptist] with the Essenes, yet, at closer scrutiny cannot be upheld. Other evidence, however, points to an extended stay of the John in parts of India, Persia, and Tibet.

It is proved that the Baptist already drew large crowds and experienced veneration  at that time. He withdrew from the masses, however, and vehemently refused any veneration. ..he looked for a place at which the Jewish people could still reach him, yet, that was beyond the reach of the Judean government

Writings of the scholar Raymond E Brown and those (most controversial and provoking) of Geza Vermes were some of the things i was reading as well.

But, I did not write down book names or pages or anything. I didn't even write down who wrote the quote I took time to write down. 

So then, this makes me look like a very poor scholar indeed.  I have no reason or even excuse for such pittiful comments.  However, what still remains is a slight curiosity about this subject.  I have placed it on my TODO list for after I finish my research on the 19th Century.  Which incidentally is going very well and growing by the day. I have been receiving books almost every day for two months - yes my wife is unhappy again.  The project is beginning to look like I may be setting out to literally write a set of books instead of one.  But then, research and study sometimes cause such an effect.  In the process k read all kinds of stuff, anything related to my research area.  I had to read about atheists, revolutionists, lunatics, occult leaders, authors of literature and poetry, and a bunch of other stuff.  I even been reading siciology books about the century as well as psychology and other such inroads to insight into the minds of 19th century America. 

But unlike my dissertation, I knew up front that this was a robust undertaking and one I needed to keep my mind busy and my hands working.  To be honest, one of my fears is that i will lose the physical ability to write long before I am ready to stop writing.  Another fear is that because I jump about with subjects to often and get sidetracked too easily, that I may not finish either of my three books, the five courses I'm writing, or the electronic projects I have started with my grandson.  I know one thing for sure, I will not be translating manuscripts and fragments and stuff again for quite a while.  

But getting back to John, my son said he would love to write a fiction book with me about John the Baptist that would encompass some of the myths and legends about him.  I remember reading a very good fiction book about the Apostle John. In it the Apostle was still alive and sat down with a man and began to tell his story.  It was most enjoyable.  Anyway, I will try not to forget about this subject, but will add someting later on.  I will probably write it to Denis or someone before posting it, or maybe post it here first.  Hey, but if you guys know or recognize any of the references or quotes  or names, maybe you can help me remember where I got them and unwind the mainspring a bit.

Lastly, I apologize for half way doing something and then writing about it from poorly constructed fragments of memory.