Dom Crossan reminds us that Jesus was pretty up front about the risk involved in seeking the Kingdom. People think they know what the “mustard seed” thing is all about. We hear it preached as a parable of abundance: “Whoah, look how big the tiny mustard seed becomes!” But anyone who’s a gardener knows that mustard is dangerous. It tends to take over the garden if you let it in. “So what [Jesus is]... talking about when [he says] the Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed is that the Kingdom of God is very useful, yes, but also a bit dangerous; something you can’t quite control.” If the Kingdom of God gets in, it might cause all sorts of trouble. God is a very dangerous commodity. It might be safer to keep God out completely, because otherwise God might mess up this world that we think we own, that we think we’ve figured out, and that we’ve got divided up the way we like, thank you very much. Actually following Jesus is a danger to your reputation, respectability, and comfort.