SPCK was founded in 1698 and aims to help people to understand and to grow in the Christian faith. We work to support and develop the knowledge of Christians and to interest and inform others.

Throughout our history we have been associated with the spread of education and informative literature in all its forms. It is perhaps our books for which we are best known, and which continue to be a strength at the core of the Society's output.

We aim to support a rich diversity of Christian traditions.


The Society has three arms: Publishing, Diffusion and Worldwide.

SPCK Publishing has an unusually wide range, covering prayer and worship resources, parish resources and stationery, as well as educational and academic works and a very broad range of interesting topics for the general reader.

SPCK Diffusion aims to produce innovative materials to resource a wide audience with information in a form relevant to their interests and experience.

SPCK Worldwide supports the distribution of books and educational materials for Christians overseas. It depends entirely upon donations from individuals, churches and charitable trusts