Please help us to keep the spammers from posting adverts to this site. There are millions of places to advertise their wares. Personally I have zero tolerance for this type of invasion. If one wants to share something they need to receive permission from one of us first. otherwise the advert will be deleted. A warning will be offered and after the second time they will be banned. 



  • I could not agree more.  The internet is large enough that this tye of thing should not be a problem for a site like ours.  It's too bad we don't have a spam filter or something like that to help deter or even prevent this nuisance.  If there is somthing I can do directly to help please let me know right away. 

  • Thank you, One way is is to check each new person who joins this is where they try to post spam.

  • You know I'm with you on this one Doc Denis, did you know we can actually go to manage members and click on their link to their name and even retrieve there ISP, they don't realize they can be traced and reported,,,, this is usually a pretty good threat, no matter how many aliases they try to use. Our hope is that maybe,,,just maybe something catches their eye about the Bible, even though their intention is bad. How awful it is to utilize a site such as this that ministers to sell your wares!!!

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