In Genesis 2:7 God breathed the breath of life into Adam

In John 20:22 Jesus breathed on the Apostles and they received the Holy Ghost

Paul confronted Peter about this actions with the Gentiles when the Jews were present

Paul circumcised Timothy because the Jews were present


In genesis God created the heavens and the earth

In Revelation God will give us a new heaven and new earth

We are told that the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

The end was with us from the beginning and the beginning will be with us at the end.

If we turn to the center of the Bible (in Isaiah) we are told of the coming Christ and the end times while looking at the beginning in retrospect.

In Revelation Isaiah is echoed, Genesis is relived, and the beginning and the end become one through the Word.

This was all with Christ as he walked with men and given to them through his teachings, promises, and prophesies:

To us a timeline of events, to Christ all the same event.  Does the book of Revelation then have a date of authorship?