Posted by Dr Ley. 

Re posted by Dr Callaghan


  It has been said many times that truth is stranger than fiction.  That saying is true of many things including the technological development of genetic tampering.  This genetic research is growing closer to the "Cyborg" portrayed in science fiction movies and books. It has been, and still is, the goal of geneticists to alter the human genome to produce disease free, powerful, highly intelligent, humans with an extended longevity - even immortal capability.

At first reading of some related materials I thought it mere fancy and speculation - or at least a campaign to gather interest and raise support (financial mainly) to bring such a "vision" to reality, a reality unforeseen and still distant in our futures.  However, as I began to read the mass of articles and other information available today, it became clear that this aberration of God's creation is much closer to reality that even some scientists imagine a few years ago.  It is somewhat a consensus that within 5 to 10 years this possibility of genetic manipulation - which includes the introduction of genes from animals, cancelling of some genetic markers, etc is rapidly becoming a horrific reality. 

As I read and thought about much of this I began to ask myself about the impact on the church as a whole and each member in specific.  I asked things like Is this the next greatest temptation to offered to man?  Will this event truly make science the new god?  What's next, the revival of the dead?  Miracles performed before humanity? Could this "advancement" be part of the "changing of times and the seasons"?  The alterations to the human genome that changes the lifespan or the seasons which humanity will be capable of seeing? 

Anyway, I could not help seeing this encroaching event as closely paralleling some of the prophesies of the Bible.  We know that the last reference for the nominal or default age of mankind is 70 years.   This man-made solution to growing old and dying is a changing of times (for the lifespan of mankind) as predicted in the Bible. The "seasons" of mankind, (possibly the different ages of development and abilities to adapt our environment to us) could also reflect the reality of some prophesies as well. 

I willingly admit that I am no self acclaimed expert in Eschatology. Indeed I admit easily that is this by far my weakest area of study with respect to the Bible.  I do however try to read a bit, here and there, on this subject and try to see the comments of others in our world today.  Again, this takes much speculation on my part and admittedly contains no real foundation other than my perceptions of events and the comparative statements of prophesy that seem to be expounded.  Transhumanism is "intended for the betterment of humanity", developed by the crafts and formulae of mankind for mankind, and includes more that ethical quandaries. Indeed it poses a challenge to the church to day to help Christians differentiate between the will of God, in their minds, and the will of God as exemplified for us in the Bible.  It has become somewhat of an imperative that the purposeful altering of human genetics and other "research" closely related is less of an ethical quagmire that the false teachers and so-called Christians would have us believe.  Indeed, the true depths of morality and Biblical significance is glossed over, convoluted by mankind's crafty concepts and delusive priorities, and reconstituted in a manner fit to seemingly offer ethical questions that are difficult to answer.  The reality is that this campaign to delude and confuse the sanctity of God's creation and order of things, is becoming the new religion of mankind.  Scientology, for example, is devoid of honoring God for his handiwork.  This humanistic view of the world and humanity in particular is not new. It existed throughout the ages of humanity.  Through the times and seasons of mankind there has been "nothing new under the sun", only the ability of humanity to see the truth, the lies, deceit, and anti-Biblical platforms being presented.  No matter the guise, excuse, or seemingly profound claims, the reality is these are the attempts of humanity to rebel against God - even many Christians who believe they are "proving God" through their research. 

Is this part of the "strong delusion" that would almost deceive "even the very elect??  Too many people (Christians included) are unsure how to categorize the new "advances in medicine", i.e. genetics, or how it weighs in the balance.  This quandary of moral intrepidity only exists because folks are thinking from the viewpoint of the world and not from the viewpoint (or moral compass) given us in the Bible.  Too many things are rationalized through the viewpoint of the world, and concession after concession has been made weakening the moral fiber of societies until the Biblical truths have been at best obscured - if not forgotten altogether. 

I then, after sifting through the humanistic world view, understood that this is just one small part of a scheme designed and orchestrated by Satan and his helpers to do just what it is doing....

May God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven.