I have recently met some people who believe and practice Haitian Voodoo. They use representations of Catholic Saints for some of the various Spirits. The use of Catholic Saints I believe originated as a form of disguise from the days of slavery and the predominant influence of the Catholic Church during that time frame. That disguise is as close as Voodoo and Catholicism come from my limited understanding.


The thing that I find interesting is the concept that they believe in a single Creator but that single Creator does not have time to deal with them as individuals. The single Creator is to busy with the Universe to have time for individuals. The solution is that the single Creator has created Spirits, Loa and Orisha, who handle the day to day issues of humans. In effect, a management team has been established.


The management team requires a variety of offerings depending upon which Spirit you are calling upon. The offerings may consist of various types of food, drink (both alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic), and tobacco to name a few but not all. There are blood offerings that may involve animal sacrifice and/or the pricking of ones finger. I do not know the extent of blood offerings as it is not discussed in detail.


I have just given an extremely shallow description of what I’ve encountered. I do not pretend to be knowledgeable on the subject.


Now my questions;

 What does one say to a follower of Voodoo when they say that if God The Father as a Christian believes, created all things He also created other Spirits and lesser Gods?


How does one explain where the magicians, sorcerers etc of both OT and NT derive their power if not from Spirits or lesser Gods?


The argument that gets presented is that it’s acceptable to follow or worship both God as we know and understand Him and the Spirits and Lesser Gods at the same time.






  • God’s name is the epitome of who and what He is, and He says His name is Jealous. Jealousy is not merely a passing mood with God. It is the essence of His person. He cannot be other than jealous. Since He is the highest and greatest being there is, infinitely holy and glorious, He must be passionately committed to preserving His honor and supremacy. He must zealously desire exclusive devotion and worship. To do less would make Him less than God. He said about Himself:

    I am the LORD, that is My name;
    I will not give My glory to another,

    Nor My praise to graven images (Isaiah 42:8).

    God is sovereign and supreme over all. Were He to share His glory with other so-called gods, He would be elevating them to a position that would not be consistent with their true nature, and it likewise would be making Him untrue to His own nature—less than the preeminent God He is. He must be faithful to Himself and maintain His high and holy position, and He wants His creatures to attribute to Him that degree of honor. Basically, that is what He means when He says, “I shall be jealous for My holy name” (Ezekiel 39:25). His jealousy does not grow out of insecurity, anxiety, frustration, covetousness, pride, or spite, as ours usually does. It is the natural and necessary by-product of His absolute sovereignty and infinite holiness.


    (source ...  http://bible.org/seriespage/jealous-god )

  • From the most ancient of days there has been false religions, false prophets, and a myriad of false practices who claim origin in an all powerful being, a creator, and even God himself.  It is such a travesty that mankind can so easily be deceived.  The documentation is evident throughout the Bible and in so very much secular writings.

    At the very least here we see an emptiness, a longing, that so many misguided people have tried to fill with lies, pagan ideals and practices, and a "mysterious" shroud of passions that rely on human weakness. It is not enough to recognize the God is the creator, for even the demons do and tremble at the thought. 

    The very worst part of this type of confused trust and belief is the fact that salvation is so far from them.  Some believe that they are actually saying, thinking, and doing the right things; giving themselves over to the many aspects of a false religion which not only robs them of their soul but causes them to blaspheme the very God they purport to know and esteem.

    Indeed the powers of darkness and their workings in humanity do go back to the very first days of humanity.  That makes it so much more the dangerous, so much more the frightening, and so much more the difficult to help the lost see the light.  Even today, cultures and entire groups of people have dedicated their lives to the propagation of these myths,practices, and outright lies spawned and supported by evil.  And the saddest part is that many never get to hear the truth.  It is truly so unfortunate and heart wrenching to know that so many can and have been deceived and given over to the enemy - most without a clue that their souls are in peril. 

    I think it somewhat phenomenal that as the Bible provides the truth it also identifies those who have opposed and or circumvented that truth through the imaginations of men aided by the deep darkness of evil.  The depth of mankind's depravity and the very touch of evil seems at times to know no bounds. Praise God that the real truth is available for all who seek and there are witnesses to the truth able and capable of dispelling this "con job" that has engulfed so many.

    It need not be fully understood, nor explained, but rather should only be recognized for the evil it is and the terrible danger it poses to the lost, the confused, and those who hunger so deeply for some type of consolation in this evil world.

  • Good question!

     How about some others jumping in....

  • Reply after Doc Ley and Roze Collins


    I’m going to begin with some very broad generalizations that I’ve encountered numerous times when talking with people;

    1) Most nonbelievers have a huge problem with the book of Joshua where God orders the extermination of the local inhabitants.

    2) The knowledge of good and evil was obtained by eating from the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden.

    3) Demon’s and other powers were created by God since He created everything. Satan does not have the power to create. That power resides in God alone.


    So with those three examples I encounter the arguments;

    1) How could a loving God be so bloodthirsty?

    2) How could God present the temptation of the tree of Knowledge to innocent children? The thought here is that Adam and Eve had received no teaching or warning as to just how bad “evil” could be and they had no personal experience to draw upon either.

    3) How could a loving God not forgive Adam and Eve’s transgression? The assumption being that this was their first transgression and I can find no support for or against this argument. The Bible is silent on this matter.


    Voodoo has its basic roots in Africa and is what I would call a distinct religion but there is a blend of Catholicism within it. That blend is a melding of an original, single creator named Damballah (spelling ?) and a myriad of spirits that all have powers of a specific nature. Some of these Spirits may have powers that overlap but usually their specific powers are primary and exclusive powers.

       It is at this point that Catholicism presents its own peculiar difficulties. I am not Catholic and aside from fixing the plumbing on some Catholic churches, I have no knowledge of that faith. Catholicism does in some way seem to acknowledge and perhaps bless (?) the worship of Saints, Mother Mary and maybe others that I’m not aware of.

       So the argument ensues that a Rose by any other name is still a Rose. In other words God or Damballah is still God and the Orisha and Loa are no different than the various Catholic Saints. The worship of Spirits through lighted candles, food etc to a voodooisant is no different to them than a Catholic lighting candles and requesting favors of a Saint.

       In Christianity we have Satan and there are people that follow and worship Satan. Voodoo has its own form of evil and those that worship that evil. This part of voodoo has not been discussed with me yet.

      When we come to the NT I heard it expressed by a comedian once that the God of the NT must be on Prozac. The comment was intended to get a laugh but there is some substance behind the line. Christ and His teachings are much more loving and forgiving than the history of the OT.


    My experience is that those that follow Voodoo are sincere in their beliefs and are willing to discuss their beliefs from a guarded position. Voodoo was persecuted heavily for many years and is still viewed with prejudice in most instances. My discussions must be conducted in a level headed manner and with respect not superiority or arrogance. Single verses from the Bible will be met with offsetting references from one who follows Voodoo so any help that you wish to provide me needs to be well thought out, logical when possible and always respectful and courteous.  


  • I don't know why my reply was posted above everyone else's replies as it breaks the continuity but I don't know how to change lthe location. Please read the comments of Doc Ley and Roze Collins first.


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