It is sometimes said that all Jewish holidays come down to three things – they tried to kill us, they did not succeed, let’s eat! This of course is especially true of the Jewish festival of Passover. 

Israel was God’s first-born child. When the Egyptians did not allow that child, his son, to leave, God struck every first-born of Egypt with death, just as he had warned. When God visited Egypt with this great judgment, he passed over the homes of the oppressed Israelites and those who sympathized with them (that is if they too marked their doorposts with the blood of a lamb). 

Passover (פֶּסַח), therefore, is a noun connected with the verb (פָּסַח‎) which has a meaning of skipping or passing over (in this case God’s judgment passed over). Seder (סֵדֶר‎) as in Passover Seder means “order” or “arrangement”. Therefore, Passover Seder is a meal arranged in a special way to recreate the events of the Exodus story in a participant’s mind and heart